Sakhile Nkosi

Sakhile Nkosi is a clinical audiologist in Lydenburg Hospital in Mpumalanga. He was inspired to become an audiologist after growing up and seeing firsthand how isolated a deaf member of his community was. When Sakhile arrived at Lydenburg Hospital in 2017 as a community service intern, he did not have a supervisor. A big part of his commitment to the public service is to ensure that incoming community service student interns are well trained and have someone
they can learn from and be accountable to. He works hard to provide care to patients who come from all around Mpumalanga for his services.

Moshalagae Malatji

Moshalagae Malatji works in the Limpopo Department of Education as the head of the province’s Library and Information Services division. She started working in the public service as a mathematics teacher Makgofe High School and went on to become the school’s principal . Later, she was seconded to the Lebowakgomo circuit where she worked closely with school principals in the district. In her current role, Moshalagae ensures that schools that have libraries are well stocked, and works to improve the condition of libraries. Her mission as a public servant is to improve literacy and reading for meaning, and to support schools to use libraries in addition to their teaching and learning.

Gugu Mlotshwa

Gugu Mlotshwa is a Community Health Facilitator based in Eshowe in KwaZulu-Natal. She works at the Eshowe District Hospital where she ensures that the community receives access to different health care systems available to them. She is driven by a desire to serve the people around her, especially those in remote areas. Gugu is part of Operation Sukuma Sakhe – an inter-departmental group which works collaboratively to resolve challenges raised by the communities she serves. She leads a team of 98 Community Care Givers, who work in the community to provide people with access to health care services.

Helimamy Moeng

Helimamy Moeng is the Manager of Pharmaceutical Services at the Southern Western Sub-Structure in the Western Cape. She always knew she wanted to work in the health care system, and when the time came, chose to train as a pharmacist. Helimamy started working as a public servant in Gugulethu Clinic, delivering much needed ARV and ART treatment to HIV positive patients. She now oversees the distribution of medication around the South Western Districts of the province. Helimamy is motivated in her work in the public service by ensuring that people have continued access to medication, and is passionate about staff development in the pharmaceutical services.

Clinton Odayar

Clinton Odayar is a police officer who currently works as a K9 Search and Rescue Officer at the Umhlali K9 Unit. He is motivated by a need to give families and loved ones closure when someone goes missing. He does this with the help of his canine companion, Dante. Together, they have been instrumental in finding many people who have gone missing in the area. Clinton supports neighbouring police stations and private health care services to give everyone missing a loved one closure. Additionally, he does safety awareness talks at schools and hosts anti-drug and anti-bullying workshops.


Henry Heina Sele

Henry Heina Sele is a Project Accountant within the Program Management Unit (PMU) at the Ministry of Agriculture. Over the past seven years he has managed a portfolio of $14.6 million and his performance was rated satisfactory by the World Bank and International Partners for implementation of the regional West Africa Agricultural Productivity Program (WAAPP IC Liberia).
Due to his dedication and professionalism, he was retained as Project Accountant to formulate and prepare the ongoing Smallholder Agriculture Transformation and Agribusiness Project funded by the World Bank for $25 million.

Musu M. Mulbah

Musu M. Mulbah serves the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (MOH/SW) as the Focal Person for all sexual and gender-based violence cases at the C. B. Dunbar hospital in Gbarnga Bong County.
She is also the Zonal Head for the Dementa and Kokoyayh road community, appointed by the City Mayor of Gbarnga. Additionally, she is studying nursing at the Cuttington University Undergraduate School in Suacoco.

Ord Sejepo Jlateh

Ord Sejepo Jlateh is Assistant Commissioner for Budget and Finance at the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA). Since 2000, Jlateh has worked with many institutions such as the Liberia Mission of SDA as an accountant; the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) as National Senior Finance Officer; and the West African Union Mission of SDA, a larger organ of the Seventh-Day Adventist, comprising Gambia, Sierra Leone and Liberia.
He also worked for the USAID-sponsored Governance Economic Management Assistance Program (GEMAP) as Assisting Comptroller to International Financial Expert with assignment at the National Port Authority.

Oretha Menyongar Thomas

In 2013, Oretha Menyongar Thomas started work as a janitor at the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection. Since then she has been assigned to various offices including General Service, Human Resource, and Women Empowerment.
In 2016, based on her hard work and commitment, she was transferred to the office of the Minister proper where she is now an Office Assistant to the Minister of Gender, Children and Social Protection.

Samuel G. Ford

Samuel G. Ford is Assistant Commissioner of Police for Community Services, having gradually risen through the rank and file of the police hierarchy from a cadet in the Special Task force to his current position.
Samuel has received several honors and awards, among which he was named as an Ambassador for Peace, World Peace Recognition (2015), for the practices and promotion of universal moral values, a strong family life, inter-religious cooperation, and international harmony.

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Water and Forestry Technical Officer in Koro in the Mopti region.
Coming from the Tabacoro Forest Training Centre, Mr. Diakité joined the civil service in 2015 and was posted to Koro for his first time in the Mopti region. Despite limited means and a lack of transport, he uses his own motorcycle to carry out forest controls in his current position as Water and Forestry Technical Officer.


Chief Medical Officer of the Sikasso Health District.
As Chief Medical Officer of the Sikasso Health District, Dr Coulibaly has brought consistency and order to the department with regular oversight meetings. She’s also the first female doctor head of the CSRéf of Sikasso. She is described by her colleagues as an exemplary leader, who not only entrusts people with responsibility but also ensures their growth and development.


Coordinator of the Societe Energie du Mali SA in Diré.
Mr. Issa Traoré has been based in northern Mali since he took up his duties. Between January 1999 and June 2003, he was technical operating agent for the Timbuktu power plant and from June 2003 to December 2014 he worked as head of the Kidal power plant.
Since December 2014, he has been the Energy Coordinator of Mali for Diré. Since his arrival, the city of Diré has not experienced any major power cuts or power outages.


Ministry Policy Officer of African Integration, Bamako.
Despite her busy schedule, Mrs. Sidibé is very active with women and youth associations in the Bamako district. Young people affectionately call her “Auntie” for her guidance and advice on the dangers of illegal migration. It encourages and promotes youth entrepreneurship through business creation. Mrs Sidibé works as Ministry Policy Officer of African Integration in Bamako.


Education adviser in charge of girls’ schooling in Dioila.
Having graduated from the Institut Pédagogique d’Enseignement Général (IPEG) in 1983, Mrs Coulibaly joined the civil service at the N’Kourala Public School (Sikasso). After a series of promotions, she found herself in Dioila in 1992 where she taught in two (2) schools: Socoura B and Socoura West. In 1999, she was appointed head of girls’ schooling and pedagogical advisor for the same component in 2004. She now works as a generalist pedagogical adviser in charge of girls’ schooling. She is particularly active in the field of gender-based violence, working on awareness-raising activities with parents on the importance of schooling and the harmful consequences of early marriage.


Héctor Agustín Gálvez López

Héctor Agustín Gálvez López is the Coordinator of the Addiction centre in the Preventive Penitentiary Varonil SUR. He began group therapy within the addiction treatment of the Preventive Prison for Southern Men approximately nine years ago and has contributed to a higher percentage of recovery in the prison population. 

Thanks to his initiative, group therapy has now been extended to other centres and Hector trains other professionals equally committed to the dissemination the values that make his rehabilitation practices effective.

Aura Eréndira Martínez Oriol

Aura Eréndira Martínez Oriol is the Director of Budget Transparency at the Digital Public Innovation Agency in Mexico City. Since entering public service, Aura has spearheaded various projects that promote transparency and accountability, such as Mexico City’s Budget Transparency portal and the Social Welfare Information System (SIBIS), for which it was recognized with the Inter-American Development Bank’s Governor’s Award. She is also co-founder of the “Mukira” Organization, which works with women to improve their quality of life and help them gain access to justice.

Jabnely Maldonado Meza

Jabnely Maldonado Meza is the General Director of Affected People in the Commission for the Reconstruction of the Mexico City. Jabnely actively participates in the titanic task of rebuilding and rehabilitating the homes of thousands of victims after the earthquake of September 19, 2017. Since joining the Commission for Reconstruction in December 2018, Jabnely has dedicated her time to caring for the earthquake victims, guiding them through their legal processes and ensuring that each family has a route to follow.

Janet de Luna Jiménez

Janet de Luna Jiménez is the General Director of Development Planning and Economic Promotion in Alcaldía Azcapotzalco. She is committed to policies for the sustainable development of cities as spaces in which people can exercise their rights. As General Director and coordinator of an ambitious project such as Vallejo-i, she has been able to reach great agreements with the various institutions and coordinators involved. 

The project has been recognized by the Head of Government as one of the most important commitments of the City. Her work has allowed her to position herself and participate in high-level forums (UN-NY and UN-Nairobi, UNAM, Chamber of Deputies) and to publish technical documents such as the National Programme for Urban Development 2014-2018 and opinion articles in Animal Político, Huff Post Mx and Revista Política y Gobierno.

Pedro Correa Espinosa

Pedro Correa Espinosa works in the Mayor’s Office in Tlalpan and is in charge of promoting citizen participation in Pueblo Santa Úrsula Xitla. As part of his work, he reports on programs of the Mayor’s Office and Mexico City and then disseminates them among the inhabitants of his town without any restrictions or conditions. 

He maintains an equal balance of men and women employees in his team as he considers gender equity to be a top management priority. In addition, he works closely with a civil association that is dedicated to providing assistance to women by promoting the LUNA programme in support of women victims of violence.

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Punya Prabha Devkota, 43

Senior ANM (Auxiliary Nurse Midwife)

District Hospital, Mugu

The residents of Karnali lack access to basic services and the health services available to them are only sustained by dedicated health workers like Punya Prabha Devkota.

Saddened by the untimely deaths of many people in her village, including her own father who died from Asthma as he could not access treatment in time, she decided at a young age to become a health worker and serve the people of her community.

Punya Prabha has now served as a Senior ANM for 19 years in the District Hospital of Mugu in Karnali. Patients, especially women, in the village feel safer knowing that they do not need to travel far to receive treatment while Punya Prabha is around.

Born and raised in Karnali, Punya Prabha has an intimate understanding of the problems facing this community. She can feel the pain of the patients and stands as a trusted caregiver for all seeking medical attention.

Ishwar Subedi, 47

Food Investigation Officer

Department of Food Technology and Quality Control, Kathmandu

Ishwar Subedi is passionate about quality food and brings a high level of expertise to his work. He created ‘Khadya Swachha Samuha’, a group for clean food comprised of concerned citizens, local police officers and members of the hotel association.

Established in Muglin, the initiative soon inspired similar efforts in nearby districts, and a ranking system was created for hotels and restaurants. To date, 574 hotels have been ranked. This has made it easier for customers to choose based on quality and fostered healthy competition among the different hotels.

Ishwar has 17 years of experience working in the department and holds a PhD in the same field. He has never worked for personal gain, but in recognition of his efforts, he received an award from the Ministry of Agriculture.

Gyanendra Kumar Mishra, 49

Under Secretary

Ministry of Forests and Environment, Project Facilitation section

Similar to other individuals, Gyanendra’s only goal when he started service was to secure his future with a government job. However, he soon realized the potential of government to transform society and he developed a sense of responsibility for his nation.

When Gyanendra was Head of Project on the Sagarmatha Forest Development, around 2600 hectares of land was under encroachment by locals who would cut down trees for personal use. He organized a plantation campaign with the assistance of 500 Nepali police officers and the Nepal Armed Police.

Today, the government has taken back 2000 hectares of land and has been successful in tree planting, transforming once empty land into a lush green forest full of trees.

Gyanendra is known for including concerned stakeholders and various authorities in his efforts to set up programs and formulate plans. This approach has contributed to enhancing partnerships and growing trust between government and citizens.

Prem Bahadur Darai, 48

English Teacher

Shri Bhanu Secondary School, Tanahu

Prem Bahadur is an English teacher at Shri Bhanu Secondary School in Tanahu, which was formerly a primary school with Prem as Principal.

During that time, many children from marginalized communities did not pursue further education after completing primary due to lack of awareness and economic status. Most parents would send their children to countries in the gulf to work in menial jobs and earn money for the family.

Prem realised that if the same school could provide primary and secondary education, it would be easier for the children to continue their studies. Through discussions with both teachers and parents, his vision slowly but surely came to life. However, despite being a fitting candidate to lead this new school, Prem selflessly chose to give up his Principal position.

Due to Prem’s efforts, many children in the community have stepped into a school for the first time, and many of his former students are now contributing to society as doctors, engineers and NGO personnel.

Kajiman Rai, 40

Chief Administrative Officer,

Chulachuli Rural Municipality, Illam

Kajiman has a wealth of experience working at the local level. Before he came to Chulachuli Rural Municipality, major physical development work was at a standstill but thanks to  him, the infrastructure of the Rural Municipality is now expected to be finished within schedule.

Kajiman’s transparent attitude and practice have helped him maintain order. He implemented a new procurement process to make it clearer and more transparent, and change the trend of purchasing products from the same store.

As per the new rule, from this year, the purchase cost for the entire year needs to be estimated and approval secured from the Rural Municipality before any funds are released. The same has been followed at the local level. This practice has not only increased economic discipline among staff members and residents, but also improved trust in local government.


Tani Ali Nimlan

Tani Ali Nimlan is Assistant Director at NAFDAC Headquarters in Abuja. She ensures all regulated products distributed and sold to the public are safe, efficacious and of good quality. She also ensures that proper regulatory action is taken on the violating products. She participated in the US Food Regulation current issues seminar, that took place in July, 2012.

Tani does not give in to any pressure in the form of bribes and threats of violence. She has ensured that neither herself nor her team fails to uphold the mandate of the Agency. She believes in giving her best to serve the nation and has received special recognition from the agency for the efficiency of her work.

She states that she believes in integrity because that is the right thing to believe in; doing what is right always. She describes her mission statement as remaining truthful, honest and always doing what is right. She has been described by her colleagues as hard working, committed to her work and very proactive, easy going, jovial and transparent.

Tina Odinakachi Iirmdu

Tina Odinakachi Iirmdu is a Lecturer in the Department of Geography and Planning at the University of Jos. Her challenging childhood experiences – including incessant unrest and intimidation from cultists to her mom’s livelihood after the loss of Tina’s father – inspired her to set up scholarship programs for female indigenes of her hometown Umuako, Umuahia South, Abia State, and Jos, Plateau State to encourage the girl child. She is a philanthropist and the CEO of Jediba Foundation located in Jos, a foundation that reaches out to widows and orphans. She has been an active civil servant for 10 years.

Earlier in her career, as an examiner for the West African Secondary School Certificate Examination (WASSCE), she reported an exorbitant sum paid by the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) to her bank account in error. This outstanding act of conscientiousness and the subsequent media involvement alongside guest appearances on national television laid the foundation for her student mentorship program which was initiated in 2011. She constantly defies threats in order to uphold fairness and merit in examination evaluations. She has been described by her colleagues as friendly, hardworking, humane and humble.

Christian Ngozi Ahiauzu

Christian Ngozi Ahiauzu is the Head of the Network Infrastructure Unit of ICTC at the University of Port Harcourt. He is an IT consultant who mandates due process in the selection of contractors to promote Open Contracting and Transparency, and ensures that such jobs are done according to specification without undue compensation. His life, livelihood, and his family members have been threatened due to his refusal to compromise his integrity.

In order to improve accountability and integrity at work, he developed workflows which gave rise to computer applications which track and monitor the registration and use of the University Intranet system. He has equally maintained a workforce who believe in his modus operandi, with his integrity as an example for them to follow. He states that integrity is like a life style for him, and he believes that with integrity and responsibility in the use of power, Nigeria can actually become a better place.

In the future, he wishes to venture into entrepreneurship, thereby becoming an employer and also, giving back to the society. Additionally, he intends to become a motivational speaker, who will champion movements for social change. He currently runs a Facebook page called Ambassadors of Change in an effort to drive advocacy for change in Nigeria.

CSP Francis Osagie Erhabor

CSP Francis Osagie Erhabor is a Divisional Police Officer (DPO) in charge of D Division, Itam, Uyo, Akwa Ibom state. He has never taken a bribe in 29 years of active service. In the police force’s D Division, bail is free and no policeman dares take a bribe from community members. His officers have earned the trust of the community for their stand on integrity and this has gained the needed support and collaboration to fight local crimes. He is very involved in community projects and mentoring young people.

While on duty as the pipeline commander in Edo State, he refused bribes of 1.5 million naira offered to him weekly from four individuals who were involved in illegal oil bunkering. In addition, he rejected 500,000 naira per week as returns from his subordinates, given to them as bribes to allow adulterated petroleum products to be brought into the state. Rejecting these tempting offers earned him several enemies, especially considering that his 37,500 naira monthly allowance was not steady.

He states that his belief in integrity stems from the trust and respect he has earned from the community he serves, which makes his job easier. He advocates “standing for truth even when no one is on your side.” In future, he hopes to actualise a Police Force that is the dream of the citizenry.

Kacheilom Betram Roberts-Ndukwe

Kacheilom Betram Roberts-Ndukwe is a Teacher at the Government Secondary School in Ataba community, Andoni LGA, Rivers State. She once investigated and exposed a teacher who was receiving a salary from the school while moonlighting as a banker instead of teaching. The teacher’s name had been continuously reflected on the voucher for monthly payments in collaboration with the principal who was sharing her monthly pay.

In another instance, Kacheilom responded to concerns from students about their West African Secondary School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) fees being increased abruptly. When she anonymously reported the issue to the community head, she found out that there was an insider that exposed her as the inquisitor. She personally investigated further to discover the extortion was directly from the School Principal, and she reported him to the Education board. He was subsequently disciplined and asked to refund all monies extorted from the students.

She supported the revamping of a bore hole in the community in order to provide access to water, raises concerns about student’s welfare and expends her personal finances to meet their academic needs. Kacheilom believes that everyone deserves to be treated in a fair and honest manner and that integrity involves being truthful and sincere in all you do.


Umar Tufail

Umar Tufail is a Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) in the Khairpur District of the Sindh Province. He helped spread peace in Kashmore, one of the most dangerous areas of Sindh, and the young officer’s work has been praised by members of the community. 

He is a person of integrity, fully committed to serving people, and strictly against bribes, favoritism, corruption and nepotism. He was instrumental in arresting the main suspect in the murder of a 13-year-old girl, Rimsha Wasan, in February this year. 

In another murder case, that of a of 9-year-old boy, Umar arrested a landlord in Khairpur despite enduring many threats to his safety. Tufail is widely acknowledged as one of the people playing a major role in promoting peace and accountability in the most dangerous parts of Sindh.

Zahid Ali Khan Khattak

Zahid Ali Khan Khattak is a Medical Superintendent (MS) at WAPDA Hospital Mangla in the District of Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJK). He is renowned for his commitment to work and passion for serving the community. 

When he first joined the hospital, there were massive problems of corruption and mismanagement, so he inquired about the processes and discovered a corruption case involving the sum of PKR 1.6 million. Zahid was able to identify the culprits and recover the full amount.

He has since automated and continued to maintain the system. He also believes in women empowerment and is an advocate against women harassment. He has contributed to female doctors’ inclusion and creating a harassment-free environment in the hospital. He has been awarded the Quid-e-Azam Gold medal for his achievements by Tehreek-e-Istehkam-e-Pakistan Council (Regd).

Rizwan Akram Sherwani

Rizwan Akram Sherwani is Director of Excise and Taxation in Lahore, Punjab Province, and is regarded as a highly competent, brave and honest government official. 

He has taken on many initiatives, including introducing a toll-free hotline number for the public to access all tax-related information directly, which played a major role in boosting transparency. He also introduced the Press Citizen Dialogue Forum, aimed at addressing citizen’s issues related to tax in a friendly atmosphere. 

Furthermore, Rizwan initiated the “Motor Taxation Management Information System”, which helped the government eradicate corruption by tracing all illegal number plates which were being sold at higher prices. In his more than 20 years of government service he has worked on numerous government projects that have brought significant change.

Rohana Kakar

Rohana Kakar is Secretary of the Regional Transport Authority (RTA) in Quetta, Baluchistan Province. Rohana was the first female to be appointed to this post after 1966 because of her bravery and hard work. She maintains high professional integrity and is committed to her job, remaining in the field day and night resolving public transport issues. 

She has done a great deal to curb malpractice in public transport such as the cancellation of illegal permits and licenses. She has been threatened many times, especially by transporters who demand favors in obtaining licenses and renewing their expired permits but she consistently refuses. 

Rohana takes strict action against those caught driving without licenses and for this purpose she introduced Driving License Mechanism and made driving tests mandatory for everyone. Her efforts in modernizing public transport are remarkable, keeping in view the lack of resources in Baluchistan.

Imran Zia

Imran Zia is District Monitoring Officer in Haripur District, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) Province. He is considered to be honest, fair, truthful, and easily approachable to the public as he strongly believes in serving the people. 

He conducts background checks and inspections on various institutions, including secondary schools. This involves performing a check on the schools’ administration, faculty punctuality, and student enrollments. During the checks, he often receives bribery offers but he consistently refuses. 

Imran reported and helped in closing down a school in Haripur District that had been illegally taken over by intruders. He says, “I will never compromise on merit and fair working; favors will never be entertained during my tenure, regardless of the source.”


Mr. A.M.A.S. Amarasinghe

Mr. A.M.A.S. Amarasinghe – As an Assistant Superintendent of Customs at the Sri Lanka Customs Central Investigation Bureau, Mr. Amarasinghe has played a lead role in many successful raids and prosecutions carried out by the bureau. Mr. Amarasinghe identifies the Customs department as a key revenue earner for the state and is committed to the belief that these revenues should be utilised to improve public services.

Mr. B.K.P. Chandrakeerthi

Mr. B.K.P. Chandrakeerthi – As the Director General of the Coast Conservation Department, Mr. Chandrakeerthi took the lead in implementing the Department’s online approvals system. Having identified one-on-one interactions between clients and department personnel as providing opportunities for corruption, Mr. Chandrakeerthi deployed an online approvals system to minimise such interactions and automate the approvals process. Throughout his career in public service Mr. Chandrakeerthi has displayed a demonstrable commitment to honesty and integrity.

Mr. K. Kunanathan

Mr. K. Kunanathan – As Divisional Secretary for the Verugal Division in the Trincomalee District, Mr. Kunanathan’s strong anti-corruption stance has led to improved public service delivery at the Secretariat. Embracing the potential of digital technology to combat corruption, Mr. Kunanathan introduced an online applications and approvals process for various services offered by the Secretariat. In addition to this, Mr. Kunanathan has also been swift to initiate action on officials accused of corruption. Mr. Kunanathan has also taken on the responsibility of implementing many social welfare and community development projects in the Verugal area.

Ms. P.A.C. Priyadarshani

Ms. P.A.C. Priyadarshani – Corruption in Grade 1 enrolments at public schools is a major issue faced by the general public annually. The Principal of St. Mary’s College, Mathugama, Ms. Priyadarshani developed a unique scoring system to mitigate and prevent such corruption. Her merit-based enrolment system has won her praise and applause from all quarters in her community but she has also met the ire of political authorities with courage. Her efficient use of limited resources to develop facilities at St. Mary’s College including the introduction of E-boards and sports facilities has earned her many commendations.

Dr. T. Sathiyamoorthy

Dr. T. Sathiyamoorthy – The health sector is constantly plagued with accusations of corruption and malpractice. In such an environment, the Director of the Jaffna Teaching Hospital, Dr. Sathiyamoorthy stands apart as a medical administrator who tirelessly strives to ensure the welfare of his patients. Dr. Sathiyamoorthy identifies dereliction of duty in the health sector as a major corruption issue and has strived towards combating this by instituting several measures including prohibiting private consultancy by doctors whilst on duty at the hospital. His actions have earned the Jaffna Teaching Hospital a reputation amongst patients as being an exceptional health service provider.



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