Integrity School – Nepal


Practicing Integrity Through Innovation, Value-Shifting and Trend-Setting

The Integrity School brings together the most deserving and passionate young government employees to support integrity through an accelerated program over the course of a year. The school aims to build future leaders who will be the building blocks of an accountability ecosystem in Nepal. The school will provide key opportunities for leadership development, learning and mentorship, hands on training, and powerful networking to amplify the impact of integrity on governance outcomes over time.

The key objectives of the school are:

  • To create a peer learning platform for young government officials to discuss integrity, the challenges to building accountability and practical examples of how to shift norms within bureaucratic systems;
  • To support the development and piloting of innovative ideas around integrity and institutional accountability among young government officials.
  • To prepare the next generation of honest government officials and thought leaders in public sector with the skills and networks they need to thrive over time.

The participants in the Integrity School will be supported throughout by the significant Integrity Idol network we have developed over the past 5 years which includes: 25 Integrity Idols, many of whom are now in senior positions within government, along with hundreds of “top 30” officials who are also supportive of this cause; high-level jury panel members including retired heads within civil service, journalists and senior civil society representatives who are widely respected for their integrity and other government officials, volunteers, interns, fellows, assigned mentors, and peers, all of whom have similar experiences in the field. Following the completion of the Integrity School, we can expect the participants to become role models for integrity, demonstrating confidence and leadership with humility to institutionalize integrity in their respective work environments.

Meet the scholars for 2019


Rajendra Phyakhurel joined public service in 2017. He completed his masters degree in English and worked as a teacher in different private schools for 13 years. From Integrity School, he expects to learn new knowledge, skills, and build network. As a section officer, he aims to enhance his knowledge, and provide effective and hassle-free service to his service seekers rather than expecting to climb the hierarchy.

Integrity for me is: to do my fundamental tasks in an honest way.

When I am not at work: I am reading books.


A resident of Dhankuta district, Ramji Poudel is a forester at District Forest Office in Siraha district. He completed his bachelors degree from Dhankuta Bahumukhi Campus and masters from Koshi Campus in Biratnagar district.He has also received trainings in Computer, GPS and Forestry. He joined Integrity School to learn about integrity, moral excellence, and to learn from integrity idols.

Integrity for me is: reflected in one’s own behavioral and moral values.


Rami Poudel was very interested in serving the sick and suffering since childhood which led him to join and earn masters degree in health. Later, he joined the government service in 2014 and since then has been striving to improve the health and survival percentage of the citizens, and fight the challenges seen in public service delivery. He is excited for Integrity School because he believes that he can share as well as learn ideas, promote personal integrity and contribute towards building positive perception towards the government.


After completing his undergraduate degree in Finance from Hetauda School of Management, Laxit Dhital started his job as an accountant at the end of 2015. Following the recent federalization, he was transferred to veterinary hospital in Makwanpur. As a public servant, he aims to practice and promote integrity at workplace and thus challenge the negative perception of the public towards their government.  Through Integrity School, he expects to become a part of cohort of young officials like him, learn from each other and contribute to a collective effort for building integrity. Besides his official work, he loves teaching because it allows him to make a lot of friends, and share knowledge and positive things to a mass.

Integrity for me is: doing right things even when no one is watching.

When I am not at work: I am either teaching or reading books.


He is currently working as non gazetted first class officer of Dhobini Rural Municipality of Parsa District where he is  responsible for planning and social development department. He has completed BSC in Science, and is currently pursuing Masters in Political Science and Bachelors in Law. He aims to serve the public by being an honest government official, and as a scholar of Integrity School, he hopes to learn from his peers and be a part of a community advocating for integrity in public service.

Integrity for me is: fulfilling my responsibility even when no one is watching

When I am not at work: I am playing cricket


Kashi Chaudhary completed his Master’s Degree in Environmental Science from the Central Departmental of Environmental Science, Tribhuvan University with specialization in Water Resources Development & Planning. He has a working experience in diverse sectors from being a coordinator of Road Traffic Management Practices and Environmental Sustainability in Kathmandu to conducting a research on promotion of Eco-friendly IPM for the Sustainable Agriculture in Nepal. He is currently in civil service working as an assistant accountant. He believes that Integrity School is a platform for him to learn about practices related to integrity and also learn and grow with other young government officers like him.

Integrity for me is: an action that come out of clean heart without moral boundaries.

When I am not at work: I engage myself in social works.


With an intention to do something different and serve the public, Dipendra Pandey joined the civil service back in 2064 BS after 2 years of teaching job at Xaviers International College in Kathmandu. He believes that integrity is important in the public sector to make the daily lives of the public easier. Through Integrity School, he hopes to learn from the peers and get the motivation to work with integrity for the welfare of the public.

Integrity for me is: that which the God inside me thinks is right.

When I am not at work: I am reading books or listening to news.


After completing his education in B.S.C in Chemistry from Tri Chandra Campus, he worked as a teacher for 4 years teaching college students. However, he always had an interest in joining civil service and serve the public. Currently, he is a non gazetted class two officer at Arjundhara Municipality of Jhapa District. He hopes to learn about best practices related to integrity, be a part of a like-minded community and to get motivation to work with integrity.

Integrity for me is: Self-respect and being proud of what I am

When I am not at work: I am at coffee house