Helimamy Moeng is Manager of Pharmacy Services for the Southern Western District of the Western Cape Department of Health. She is dedicated to her work and always goes out of her way to assist the needy. For ten years she worked at the first HIV clinic in Gugulethu, joining when nobody else wanted to, and staying the long-run despite the dangers involved.

She often goes to the extent of using her own resources to deliver medicines to a number of elderly people with chronic conditions in the community. She delivers their medication to them when they cannot collect it themselves, using her own money for petrol and personal time on weekends. She does it because she believes there is more that she can do for her community beyond her job description. She always insists on doing the right thing and never shies away from taking on extra work to ensure that people are served. Helimamy has a PhD in pharmaceutical studies, and works with pharmacists on weekends.