Gugu Mlotshwa is a Community Health Facilitator at Eshowe Hospital Primary Health Care in KwaZulu-Natal. She has had a significant impact on various communities within the province by bringing together stakeholders to establish Operation Sukuma Sakhe.

This initiative engages community health facilitators to perform household visits and then afterwards come back and discuss the challenges they discover in the community with representatives of other departments. Gugu leads this initiative and ensures that the correct interventions are implemented, especially those that are health related. Beyond health matters, she also intervenes in all manner of challenges such as children without IDs and people who need pensions or disability grants.

She communicates with the municipality and councillors to complete household visits to those experiencing difficulties and goes beyond the call of duty by engaging other departments such as SASSA, DSD, DHA, and others. Gugu is honest, loyal, and loves her work.